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Fire Ops 101

Today was the day that Misty and I went to Lawrence to shoot the fire department training session.  The event was called Fire Ops 101.  The firefighter’s union brought out folks from the city commission, a 6 News Lawrence anchor, a Lawrence radio DJ and other various city officials.  They geared them up and guided them through four different scenarios as firefighters.  They got to use the Jaws of Life to tear up a car and extricate a fake victim and they even went into a burning building (totally controlled, but hey – fire is fire).

Take note of the truck on the left in this shot.  It has a roof.


It HAD a roof.  They tore it UP!!!


Here’s a crew going in to the burn building.


And the safety team at the other end of the building making sure all is well. 


It was so cool to see these folks strap on all that gear and get to it.  They were all so tough!
And how unbelievably cool is the thank you gift Misty and I received from the union?!?  It’s something I bet nobody else has.  CHECK IT OUT!  A KICK ASS FIRE HELMET!  Instead of Firefighter or Lieutenant or Captain ours say Photographer.  They even had our names put on them.  WAY COOL!


More photos from the event to come, but right now I’ve got a maternity session to edit.  Many thanks to Eddie, Brandon and the rest of the firefighters for having us today.  We had such a great time. 

But before I get to editing that maternity session I’m off to rub it in that MY HELMET IS COOLER THAN MY HUSBAND’S!  WOO! HOO!  ROCK ON, BABY!

Kevin - October 2, 2007 - 1:13 pm

This is sooooo cool! What a great way to honor the brave and hard working men and women out there that risk their lives for us everyday. Plus what a KICK A** helmet. You always do great work…can’t wait to see more. You should totally have these blown up and put in the firehouse.

Misty - October 2, 2007 - 3:18 pm

Had a GREAT time shooting this with you! What rockin’ pictures, I LOVE the fire one!!

J Mathis - October 2, 2007 - 8:49 pm

Thanks again for all the work you and Misty did. Not just the time spent, but arranging child care, etc. to be able to put the time in out there. With the few idiots who do not deserve a second thought, comes thanking those that do. I know I talked to you on the phone, but while I was here on your site I thought I’d post. It was good seeing Chris tonight at the meeting and Bull as well. Good friends I do not see enough with our busy lives. I do not intend this as a post on your blog, but do forward it to Misty if you could. Thanks, John
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