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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Somebody Pinch Me

Will someone please pinch me now?  Wake me up and tell me this is all real.  Today I had the privilege of working with an insanely talented group of people and I still can’t believe it all happened.  How did I get so lucky?  I can truly say that I’m spending my days doing what…

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Another Hard Day at the Office

It was another hard day at the office for me.  NOT!  I’m just loving these fashion shoots and this one for Her Life Magazine was no exception. Our model, Sheena, who is represented by Exposure was absolutely incredible (not to mention STOP YOU IN YOUR TRACKS AND MAKE YOU SCRAPE YOUR JAW FROM THE FLOOR…

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A New Trend?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d say you’ve got to be RIDICULOUSLY good looking and super cool (or just ridiculously INTO YOURSELF) to hire someone to photograph you without you knowing when and where it’s going to happen.  Or maybe I’m just a giant dork and do too many embarrassing things that I wouldn’t want…

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Me and My Snotty Nose

I’m still fighting this nasty cold, but me and my snotty nose had a busy weekend.  I made my second trip to the Kansas City Power and Light District, which is amazing.   My first trip was with Chris and the girls to see the Disney Princesses on Ice, which was great and all, but this…

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L O C A L   F R I E N D S