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I’m loving these engagement sessions.  Obviously, photographing adults is very different than photographing
children.  I didn’t have to make funny faces, cluck like a chicken or
bribe anyone.  Well, I did have to cluck for the soon-to-be groom.  Once.
(Just kidding!)

I actually met the future Mrs. at a Her Life Magazine party this spring and literally one week later she was engaged. I was so excited when she emailed me to book their engagement session.  Shooting them was such a blast!

Now, check out the gorgeousness that is this fabulous couple.
Zavagnin 003 BW

Zavagnin 013 F
Zavagnin 016 T

Zavagnin 052 BW2
GUSH!  Seriously a fave!
Zavagnin 105 T2
Zavagnin 207 T

Zavagnin 202 T

Zavagnin 228 T

Zavagnin 215 T

Zavagnin 225 T

Then somebody they knew drove by…and they were busted making out on the sidewalk!
Zavagnin 209 T

Time for a couple of headshots.

Zavagnin 247

I love how his eyes totally match her shirt!   I’m SURE he planned that…right?

Zavagnin 254

And that dress…OMG!  Doesn’t she have great style?

Zavagnin 309a

Zavagnin 329a

Zavagnin 333a

Zavagnin 385 BWF
And this last shot is for a certain brother (who shall remain nameless).  He was poking fun at engagement photos, but I actually LOVE the way it turned out.  And I think I finally met a couple who love ice cream as much as Chris and I.  Funny thing is…we didn’t end up eating any that day.  They just ran in for a quick shot and ran back out for some more photos elsewhere.  (I’m such a slavedriver, huh?)

Zavagnin 366
Obviously,these two are beyond gorgeous, but they’re also absolutely perfect for one another.  You should see they way they make each other laugh.  They’re destined for a long, happy life together and I’m so honored that they chose me to capture their love.

Did I mention that I love shooting love?

Kami Brady - July 20, 2008 - 8:44 pm

Heather — these are UH-MAZING! Great stuff as always! Loving the sunflare …

Tyson H. - July 22, 2008 - 11:05 pm

Nicely done girl! But none with the jersey on…or a hint…wow, what a guy Kerry Z! I’ve taken many pictures of Kerry over the past 5 years, but there’s different “action” in them! :-) Congrats to all!

Linda - July 23, 2008 - 12:51 pm

Wow, I am so inspired by your work. A big fan. Can you tell me where that darling ice cream shop is??

heather morrow - July 23, 2008 - 1:51 pm

thanks, linda! it’s cold stone creamery on the plaza. yummmmmmmm!

misty - July 31, 2008 - 9:48 pm


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