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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Calling Mrs. Focus

Hi, all!  A quick note to let you know my phone line is down.  (This is when living in an old house in an old neighborhood really sucks.)  It’s been off and on this week so the second service call is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  No whammies!  No whammies!  Mrs. Focus* needs her phone, people….

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The Power of a Picture

I've started and deleted this post a dozen times because words simply escape me.  I wrote about the importance of taking pictures after my Papa passed away but I felt the need to say it again.  A little over a week ago while at a birthday party for a firefighter Chris works with we got…

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Ferriss {Senior Session}

When this senior's mom called me all she had to say were three little words and I was totally willing to squeeze her in to the already jam packed schedule. RED HAIR and FRECKLES.  I absolutely love shooting red heads and when you add freckles to it that just seals the deal for me.  Ferriss…

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That Pesky Little Obsession

That pesky little obsession I have with denim is all for a good cause now.  Well, at least now through Thanksgiving.  My friends at Standard Style have an amazing promotion going on so be sure to shop it out, uh, I mean check it out! Happy Shopping!H

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Happy Birthday, Leah!

By the time she gets this blog post in her inbox it will no longer be her birthday, but I just HAD to give a little birthday shout to one of my very loyal blog readers, Miss Leah Lowry.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, girl!  Hope you had a fantastic day! (Gotta love facebook for telling when everyone's…

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L O C A L   F R I E N D S