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Right When I Needed It

With Chris being a firefighter we spend a few holidays each year at his second home with our second family.  This Thanksgiving we had a wonderful dinner at the firestation and got to spend some time learning some very important lessons. 

Alex is one of the guys on the crew.  He is a self taught musician who sings, plays piano, guitar and drums.  BY EAR.  And he’s GOOD – REALLY GOOD.  He speaks three or four languages (too many for me to keep up with) and he’s just insanely intelligent.  After Thanksgiving dinner we spent some quality time with Alex during which he taught Rilee a very important, life changing lesson. 

Thanks, Alex. Thanks a lot.

Rilee didn’t actually do this that night. In fact, she didn’t even try it. We had no idea she even knew how. It came a few days later when we were playing a game of “I’LL MAKE A FUNNY FACE AND YOU TRY NOT TO LAUGH” (a favorite at the Morrow house). Chris and I pulled out the amateur funny faces, but not The Ruler – she was about to BRING IT!  And OMG, did we laugh!  We laughed so hard we cried.  And with all the chaos and the stress of the holiday rush it was just the laugh I needed and it came right when I needed it the most.  Kids have a way of putting it all into perspective for us, don’t they?

Until next time,


Kelly - December 6, 2008 - 8:03 am

Love it! My youngest can do a freaky eyebrow thing that just makes me so damn happy. He’s like our little circus monkey around here–performing whenever we need a good giggle.

elescueks - December 15, 2010 - 6:26 am

Exelent stuff
Thanks for posting!

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