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Yearly Archives: 2008

Why Me?

Don't mind me.  I'm just having a pity party.  I woke up this morning in excruciating pain.  My back (near my left shoulder blade) had been bugging me for about four days but today it was really, really bad.  Unbearable.  I was almost in tears.  With Chris on duty I had to take Rilee to…

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I Love to Watch Them Grow

I've got quite a few clients I see several times a year and it's so fun to watch them grow.  This was the third time I'd shot Miss Gigi and we had a blast.  Mom is one of those people who just feels like an old friend so I always enjoy getting together with her….

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My Number Six.

A few weeks ago I was "tagged" by my dear friend Jennifer Mullinax.  I've been so busy trying to get caught up that I haven't taken the time to answer and tag others, but tonight I've got a really good reason to blog about being tagged.  Does anyone remember this post?  The last time I…

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Celebrity Lookalike

I just posted Dylan, who I've decided is a future celebrity.  And this cutie pie, his little cousin Makenna, is a celebrity lookalike.  Who does she remind you of? It took this next shot for me to figure it out.  She's a miniature Alicia Silverstone…only cuter!   And a few of the partners in crime…

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Future Celebrity

I bet you all remember Dylan.  Well, we shot again this summer and I have to tell you this kid is destined to go places and do great things.  He's interested in acting/modeling and recently signed with a local agency (Congrats, D!), but more importantly he's just a seriously cool kid.  I've had so much…

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L O C A L   F R I E N D S