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project 366 – week 8

ahhh, it feels good to be caught up on these posts!

day 50 : i am grateful for white space and the amazing woman who taught me to appreciate it.

day 51 : i am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with creative friends.

day 52 : i am grateful that a coat of paint can give new life to something old.

day 53 : i am grateful for friends who come to the rescue right when you need them.

day 54 : i am grateful for the world’s best snuggle buddy.

day 55 : i am grateful to occasionally have luck on my side.

day 56 : i am grateful for family traditions. (my mother-in-law started this tradition in 2006. at each family gathering – holiday, birthday, etc., everyone signs the tablecloth. eventually the tablecloths will get passed down through the generations. it’s really fun to see what the girls have written each year and how their writing has changed. this weekend the tablecloth was used as we celebrate my in-laws’ 40th wedding anniversary.)

i’m still in the process of catching up on roo and lu’s posts. you’ll be able to find them on their blog soon.

 leave a comment below and let us know what YOU are grateful for this week.

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