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eff cancer

jen burgess thompson is a 37-year old photographer from redmond, oregon.  she’s the mother of two young boys.  and she has advanced ovarian cancer. jen has bravely endured major surgery and months of brutal chemotherapy.

photo by benjamin edwards

her doctors have given her 12-18 months to live, but there is hope – they want her to enter a clinical trial at the mayo clinic. jen is a professional photographer, but her health prevents her from shooting clients and the estimated price of the clinical trial is $63,000.

would you please consider making a donation toward jen’s medical care? her boys, cooper and cohen to grow-up with their mom.

photo dough has created a safe, secure way for you to donate to this amazingly brave mother who is literally fighting for her life. simply click the photo below to make a donation. as our friends at photo dough said, it’s thursday and it’s a great day to create a miracle.

to read more of jen’s inspiring story, visit her blog – am i still a girl.



Benjamin - November 19, 2012 - 4:49 pm

Jen was such a wonderful inspiration & we wanted to see her completely recover. I have a M/S in Cancer Biology & I want to see this deadly type of cancer resolved. I lost my wife, Susan, to ovarian cancer in 2006 & there were very few choices then, other than chemotherapy, so I deeply feel the grief that the family is going through. I fully believe that the answers are in our medical schools in clinical research. Jen was headed in this direction, when her life was cut short. She will forever be in my heart, as I attempt to help others with advanced cancers. Benjamin

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