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look at this coffee foam

does anyone even carry a point and shoot camera anymore? i know i don’t. the moment i got an iphone i handed the point and shoot down to rilee. when i’m not shooting clients, my iphone seems to be my go to camera. it’s always with me and i’m able to capture all the details of day to day life.

 the first photo app i fell in love with was shake it photo and it was amazing. me and shake it…we were pretty tight. and then instagram came along and i was hooked. and speaking of being hooked on instagram, have you seen the college humor parody of nickelback’s photograph? layne and i watched it at the studio. at least five times and laughed harder and harder each time.

 mostly because we’re guilty of so many of these instagram cliches.

this one was taken today. #lookatthiscoffeefoam

can i get five likes? five liiii-iiiiikes? couldn’t help myself. i swear.

while instagram is only available for iphone and android, you can now follow someone online. check out my instagram feed where you’ll find everything from hocus focus behind the scenes photos to little glimpses of my daily life and those fabulous instacliches we’re all guilty of. if you’re an instagrammer like me, share your feed in the comments section below so i can follow you, too!

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