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Category Archives: my favorite things

Inspiring Moms

I recently attended a Her Life Magazine cocktail party at Cafe Trio where I was introduced to Amy Davis of Inspiring Moms. Last week Amy graciously invited me to attend her Inspiring Moms seminar.  A mother of seven children, Amy realized after having her first child that college prepared her for lots of careers, but…

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What the French, Toast?

So, as you know it’s been a long, chaotic holiday season for me.  And what do I do to unwind?  I sit on the couch with my husband and laugh my ass off at funny commercials like this one. We Tivo’d Funniest Commercials of the Year 2007 and  OMG!  We’ve watched this Orbit Gum commercial…

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Move Over Betty Jayne!

A couple of months ago Beth came over for my regular manicure.  She pulls in the driveway, comes running, no make that sprinting, into the house and says, "Grab your wallet.  Get in the car.  We gotta go.  NOW!"  Chris just looks at me and says, "Oh, no.  This CAN’T be good."  Beth repeats herself…

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Another One from the Archives

YOU’RE GETTING HUNGRY.  YOU’RE GETTING VERRRRRRRRY, VERRRRRRRRRY HUNGRY.  (You’ll just have to imagine me using my best hypnotist voice here.) These were shot for The Doughnut Factory in celebration of their fifth decade in business.  I spent the day with the Whitney and "The Nicks".  No, not the Knicks – The Nicks.  Whitney is a…

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L O C A L   F R I E N D S