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Category Archives: news

An Overdue Update

Hi, all!  I’m finally chiming in wih an update.  The weekend was a bit rough, having to cancel a couple of shoots (one of them would have been a major milestone in my career), but I’m keeping my chin up.  Thanks to my wonderful husband, lots of amazing friends and doctors and even complete strangers,…

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The New Me?

Hey, all!  Just a quick update for those who have called and emailed, which I truly appreciate.  I had a follow up with my NP yesterday.  None of my symptoms were any better, which is not uncommon.  It’s only been a week since I was diagnosed, but because of my vision problems I was given…

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Top Ten

Things About Bell’s Palsy That Suck 10.  You can’t wink at hot guys when your "winking eye" won’t close.9.    Try putting lip liner on lips you can’t feel.8.    The loss of taste makes for a real waste of sushi.7.    Brushing your teeth is soooo not graceful when you can’t feel your mouth. …

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As If…

It’s been nearly two weeks of sick kids and a sick husband.  Everyone is finally starting to feel better, but needless to say, Chris and I have had ZERO time to ourselves and with each other, but that would all change last night.  We finally had a "romantic" evening together.  Without kids.  In the ER. …

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Grey Goose, take me away!  FAR.  FAR.  AWAY.  Just a quick post to let everyone know I will be out of the office for the next several days with limited access to voice mail and email.  (WARNING: Large amounts of whining ahead.  Thanks in advance for humoring me.) After getting The Lu over a nasty,…

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L O C A L   F R I E N D S