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Category Archives: news

Calling Mrs. Focus

Hi, all!  A quick note to let you know my phone line is down.  (This is when living in an old house in an old neighborhood really sucks.)  It’s been off and on this week so the second service call is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  No whammies!  No whammies!  Mrs. Focus* needs her phone, people….

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Lost, But Not Found.

Just a note to let everyone know that if you're expecting a phone call from me today it won't be happening.  I lost my voice over the weekend and still haven't "found" it.  I'm heading to the doctor in about 30 minutes and hope to get a really good antibiotic for this nasty, nasty cold…

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When It Rains It Pours…

A few weeks and a few meds later I'm finally starting to feel better.  Thank goodness!  I really don't know how people live with chronic pain.  Mine only lasted a few weeks, but MAN….it seriously kicked my butt.  I'm getting back at it and editing like a mad woman.  Several galleries will be going up…

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Why Me?

Don't mind me.  I'm just having a pity party.  I woke up this morning in excruciating pain.  My back (near my left shoulder blade) had been bugging me for about four days but today it was really, really bad.  Unbearable.  I was almost in tears.  With Chris on duty I had to take Rilee to…

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In Search of an Intern

Need a job?  Got mad skills?  (Or, at least some skills…)  We're looking for a part-time intern for the summer (possibly longer).  Must be creative, have some photography/Photoshop/design skills and be willing to work hard at an incredibly fun job. Download the application here.  Email it to jobs@hocusfocusphoto.com.   Tell me who you are, what…

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