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Category Archives: news

Stops Along The Way

Misty and I made a few stops along the way to Michigan.  You all know I rarely post pictures of myself, but I couldn’t NOT share this one.  Misty shot this somewhere in Missouri.  I don’t remember what town we were in, but never in all my travels have I seen a town that so…

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Road Trip!

This weekend, Misty and I are road tripping it to Grand Rapids, Michigan to attend the Brianna Graham workshop.  It’s a ten hour drive and we’re looking forward to actually being able to carry on a conversation that lasts more than 60 seconds.  Between the two of us we’ve got six kids and an uninterrupted…

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Me and My Snotty Nose

I’m still fighting this nasty cold, but me and my snotty nose had a busy weekend.  I made my second trip to the Kansas City Power and Light District, which is amazing.   My first trip was with Chris and the girls to see the Disney Princesses on Ice, which was great and all, but this…

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Chalk & Awe

To quote ESPN.com it was pure CHALK and AWE, baby! It’s the eve of Lucee’s fourth birthday so we spent most of the night watching Curious George (at the request of the birthday girl), but we were able to tune in for the last four minutes of regulation play and the killer OT in which…

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Sniff Sniff

I’m fighting off the makings of a nasty cold today.  My head is pounding, my throat is killing me and my eyes feel like they’re going to pop out of my head.  I’m gettin’ crazy with the Vitamin C and trying to get lots of rest in hopes of feeling better soon.  I’ll be replying…

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