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Category Archives: My Peeps

In Action

It’s not often I get to see my husband in action at his job.  A couple of years ago I did a 12 hour ride along to see if I could get some cool shots of the guys at work.  I thought surely I would end up with some great stuff since he was working…

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Sick Kid + Out of Town Husband

Hi, all!  Just wanted to let everyone know I’ve been swamped this week.  I’ve got a sick kid and an out of town husband so if I’m a bit slower to reply to emails and phone calls, please forgive me.  Have a wonderful (and hopefully for all of you, puke free) weekend!H And since the…

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We Survived!

We survived the first day of preschool…YEAH!  It was a really emotional day for us.  Us meaning Chris and I.  We’re the sappy dorks.  The drop off was actually much easier than we had anticipated.  We fully expected a complete meltdown from The Lu, but she was a total ROCK STAR.  Not even so much…

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My Peeps

Just a snapshot, but I LOVE ‘em!    They’re starting pre-school/kids day out in a few days.  We’re excited and nervous all at the same time.  Our kids are growing up way too fast. 

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What woman doesn’t love a good sale?

So, us women always love a good sale.  We’ll buy things we don’t even need if they’re on sale.  BUT IT WAS ON SALE, we say.   I totally scored with these cute little dresses last week.  EIGHT BUCKS…and I HAD to buy them because…….well, because THEY WERE ON SALE. And now I’ve decided to order…

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L O C A L   F R I E N D S