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Category Archives: My Peeps

Look, Mom! No Training Wheels.

She did it!  My baby totally rode her bike without training wheels tonight.  She rode the length of seven houses all by herself.  That little stud muffin even made a u-turn and kept going.  She and Daddy have been practicing for a few weeks and tonight it all just clicked. Of course, I didn't get…

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The Rules.

I'm in the market for a new camera (when am I not?) so one day last week I drug the girls with me to Crick's to go check one out. On the way there we went over all the rules. All THREE of them. No touching.No fighting.Be quiet. Repeat after me, girls. No touching. No…

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The .005 Second Photo Shoot

I typically tell clients to allow a couple of hours for a photo shoot.  But not these clients.  THEY tell ME to allow .005 seconds because they're totally not in the mood for my crap. Okay, so my clients don't really talk to me like that and my kids don't really say the word "crap",…

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My husband is a HUGE -  and I mean SERIOUSLY HUGE racing fan.  And I married him anyway.  (TOTALLY KIDDING!)  So Wednesday night he went to some race while I stayed home to edit.  YEE!  HAW!  This morning he emails me this picture of him and Clint Bowyer and below is the email conversation that…

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Soup, Salad and an…AUTOPSY?

Most of my readers know that my husband Chris is a firefighter and a paramedic.  He recently got a promotion for which he earned the title of CSI.  And you have to know how hard it is for me to say "CSI" and not get lost in a daydream about Erik Delko from CSI:Miami but…

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L O C A L   F R I E N D S