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Boy, Oh Boy! | Kansas City Child Photographer

I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore these boys and their amazing mama. I've been shooting them since Melanie was pregnant Otto. Most of you know him as Mantle Baby. He'll be five this year so he's definitely not a baby anymore and neither is his two year old baby brother Hank, also known as Doll Face. We had so many great shots – I could almost blog their whole session.

Kauffman 1010 004
Kauffman 1010 007

Kauffman 1010 019

Kauffman 1010 040

Kauffman 1010 048

Kauffman 1010 056

Kauffman 1010 066

Kauffman 1010 069

Kauffman 1010 081

Kauffman 1010 096

This one just cracks me up. So Otto!

Kauffman 1010 098

Kauffman 1010 109

Kauffman 1010 115

Kauffman 1010 119

Really? Total. Doll. Face.

Kauffman 1010 125

And Melanie? She's too gorgeous for words. And she's just an incredible woman with so much love for her boys. 

Kauffman 1010 136

Kauffman 1010 176

Kauffman 1010 206

Kauffman 1010 216

Kauffman 1010 218

Kauffman 1010 223

Kauffman 1010 247

Such a gentleman. One for his mama and one for me.

Kauffman 1010 256

Mel, it's been an amazing five years watching your boys grow and I'm looking forward to many more. Thank you for having me there to document it all. 

Lots of love, 

AnneMarie Z - January 25, 2011 - 4:39 pm

Heather- the depth in your colors are amazing!!
when my emails have your name in them I already start to smile.. so love your work!

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