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mini sessions for bo macan

my dear friend carolyn, whom i’ve known since high school has a 2 1/2 year old son name bo who was diagnosed with ipex syndrome in december 2011. ipex is a very rare genetic disorder and doctors believe a bone marrow transplant will help.

on july 15 carolyn, her husband john and all four of their children will be traveling to cincinnati children’s hospital to meet with the team of doctors who will eventually perform bo’s transplant. when bo does have his transplant he and carolyn will have to remain in cincinnati for a minimum of 14 weeks. as you can imagine the macan’s medical and travel expenses are mounting and will continue to do so for quite some time.

i snapped this photo of bo (and his twin sister brooklynn) last week. at a glance, you might not know how sick bo truly is. he and brooklynn were born 10 weeks early and sweet bo has spent almost as much time in the hospital as he has out. around the age of 1 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has an insulin pump. because bo produces no growth hormone he has a g-tube to receive nutrient rich feedings to help his little body grow and stay strong. and he recently underwent surgery to insert a port in his chest which will make giving medication and taking blood much easier for him. and because of ipex he basically has no immune system so he gets sick all the time. and what most kids could fight off on their own, bo is usually hospitalized for. all this, and he’s still smiling. and i know this is because of the incredible amount of love that surrounds him.


john and carolyn work tirelessly to care for and love all of their children and they do it without ever complaining or feeling sorry for themselves. the macans are an amazing family, beloved friends who i am blessed to have in my life and i want so badly to help them so i’m going to do what i do best. i’m taking pictures!

on sunday, july 8 we’re hosting a day of mini sessions at the studio. no session fee – just a minimum $300 print order and all proceeds will benefit the macan family.


availability is limited and appointments are required. these sessions are filling up fast so please email heather(at)hocusfocusphoto(dot)com today to schedule your appointment!

don’t need awesome photos? can’t make it out on july 8? you can still help the macan family. follow bo’s journey or make a donation to the macan family by visiting carolyn’s blog, macan it happen. leave some words of encouragement, tell the macans how awesome they are and send up all the good vibes you can!

blessings to all,


[...] friends, family and even total strangers – coming together to support someone in need. for bo macan, nothing is impossible. not with the amount of love that surrounds [...]

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