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portrait of a dancer – kansas city headshots

last month i received a call to photograph a dancer. this talented young man needed a new headshot and first arabesque photo for an upcoming audition with cincinnati ballet  and i knew this was something i wanted to shoot.

meet john michael, a high school junior and long-time football player turned dancer. he’s got such a great look that i would imagine, if he wanted to, he could add model to that list of talents as well.

john michael said that his athletic background certainly came in handy when he ventured in to dance four years ago but that it didn’t come easy. i can’t even begin to comprehend the discipline and strength required for ballet. which is why i’m just a runner. ha!

what john michael needed for this audition was something clean and classic, but now that i’ve had a taste of photographing a dancer i’m dying to experiment with something a little different. hopefully i’ll get the chance to shoot his senior portraits next year and we can collaborate on something a little more outside the box.

oh! and about that audition…apparently he nailed it because he was offered a full scholarship for a 5 week summer intensive at cincinnati ballet.

way to go, john michael! your future is bright. so very, very bright.



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